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The DOC Solutions

Empowering Digital Signatures for Businesses of All Sizes

DOCONCHAIN redefines business document handling with secure blockchain-based digital signatures, ensuring unrivaled security and efficiency.

It addresses digital signature challenges with improved security, cost-efficiency, flexibility, innovation, and user experience.

The DOC Concept


Our solutions use cutting-edge technologies: Blockchain (DLT), File Storage System (DFS), Encryption Privacy Protocol (ZKP), Server Performance Optimization (ELB), and many others

NEW! Product Feature Updates

Quick Sign

Allows you and your network to sign in just 4 easy clicks for a more effective workflow and better user experience!

  • Users can sign for free without an account, logged out or logged-in;
  • Guest signers have a generated signature and initial for quick signing;
  • Documents are secured on the blockchain and stored in your folders;
  • Users can choose whether to be notified with the completed document



Allows you to add more users under your billing so they can access Business plan features. Customize email signatures and branding for your organization members.

  • Add or remove seats in your organization;
  • Invite members and manage their roles;
  • Have your organization name and logo displayed as the issuer and sender of your document;
  • Include the organization name on your signature email subject



Our solution suite features the use of tamper-evident signatures, runs on a distributed storage, and empowered by blockchain technology. 


Controlled Privacy

Document access & storage are highly controlled by the owner and are securely exchanged in a private network.


Better Security

Transactions are better monitored through IBM Hyperledger with immutable, tamper-proof records.


Efficient Workflow

Document management and digital signing workflows are highly regarded by delivering efficient, faster and reliable process.


Unlock the Power of Digital Signatures Today

Discover the limitless possibilities of our secure solutions and how we can address your needs.